Pie Guys Pizzeria

1-1233392_505179402906845_201597545_nPASSION FOR PIZZA

Pie Guys Pizzeria was founded on a passion for pizza. Evan Joda and Steven Nicol are a couple of local Montana guys who have worked their way up from the dish pits to management at several pizzerias in town.

How it all started

We are proud to be from Montana, and realize that we have many top notch resources at our disposal. That is why Pie Guys Pizzeria uses Montana-made ingredients such as Redneck sausage and Wheat Montana flour. We would like to continue supporting Montana-made products, and invite local businesses and farmers to join our Pie Guys team.

What makes Pie Guys different than everyone else begins with our dough. We use an all natural, Montana-made starter. No instant yeast here! We also have a smaller menu, which enables us to focus on the quality of our pizza and wings. Attention to detail is what makes us better.

The Pie guys menu will never grow old. In addition to our Signature Pies, we’re offering 4 People’s Choice Pies which will change monthly. We invite you to vote on your favorite!
We hope you enjoy your Pie Guys experience and look forward to serving you.

Evan Joda, Owner